1. Marketing & Communication

Marketing specialists to outsource your marketing strategy, planning and writing. GoodSense implement your marketing for your company or support your business to do it in-house. GoodSense exists to enhance economic, social and environmental wellbeing through marketing leadership. If ethical marketing excellence would help your organisation get to the next level, then they provide marketing:

  • Methodology, special projects and daily marketing management
  • Specialists with experience and skills for your business on a flexible basis

2. Intangible Assets: Licence, Sell or Deploy

EverEdge Global

Company valuations are now driven by intangible assets like confidential information, data, design, innovation, software and trade secrets. It's possible to generate additional return on investment by changing your business model from physical product export to leveraging intangible assets instead especially with Covid-19. There are three (3) ways to unlock value from any intangible asset, which is sale (assignment) and licensing or deployment. Each option requires different resources and has the potential to generate dynamic revenue as well as output levels, this presentation provides insights on:

  • What intangible assets are and why they're valuable
  • How to maximise return and mitigate or reduce risks
  • What impact intangible assets have on companies
  • How to determine what option would be viable

3. New Product Development

From varied specialist backgrounds, Formworks is able to advise and support your business wherever it is on the product development lifecycle:

  • Product roadmaps for maximum efficiency
  • Review current products to lower unit cost and refine designs
  • Design and innovation for companies already with well-established manufacturer processes
  • Start-up guidance to develop products and practices

4. Web and Mobile App

In the tech world, people have the skills and know-how to easily throw up prototypes in a weekend or an MVP in a few weeks then rapidly test their start-up idea.

What about non-technical people?

Non-technical innovators have what it takes to come up with a great idea and turn it into a profitable business. In fact, they’re often better suited for success because they come from industries where they’re intimately aware of inefficiencies or opportunities that software could solve.

5. Social Media

It has and always will be a core part of what Social Media Coaching do, which is to ensure business owners understand where their money goes on social media so they don’t get taken advantage of. This is why Social Media Coaching works with both business owners who complete their social media themselves, as well as, businesses who already work or would like to work with an agency.

There are reputable digital and social media marketing agencies out there, you know your business best to choose the right one or do it yourself. Either way, Social Media Coaching enables you to make the right choice for clarity.

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